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[Meito High’s 2-day School Festival // Meito Ward, Nagoya, Japan]

so i know im really late on this update but about a month ago, my students (and the entire school) took part in an annual “school festival”. the entire school puts on an elaborate production of games, mazes, musical performances, dances, singing, food stalls, and much more. there are 28 classes/classrooms and each put on its own performance, maze, game, etc. it’s something that needs to be experienced first-hand.

this was my first time experiencing such an event and i have to say that i was blown away by the students here. it really gave me a good sense of the student body that i was working with and the determined work ethic both teachers and students have for/at our school. it really made me feel bad for myself and my experiences teaching in Los Angeles because i don’t think i’ve ever put this much effort into creating an elaborate spectacle, but then again, i did help facilitate students who successfully staged a “sit-in” on the quad of Fremont High School as well as other demonstrations at that school. but that’s beside the point. i felt like this festival made me see the true value and importance of engaging myself more thoughtfully and physically in a school setting. i’ve been struggling with the idea of “community” for a while and am slowly, realizing that community, like the idea of “home”, is wherever i make it. i know im going only going to be in Nagoya for two years and i’m going to make the most of it. what i mean by this is that i am going to commit myself to being a dedicated educator and do the best that i can within the parameters of my abilities.

please enjoy these pictures of the school festival at my school.



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