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[Shinjuku, The Book Cafe Diner, and Dancing! // Tokyo, Japan]

hello friends. it’s been a while since my last update. last weekend i went to tokyo and had a blast. i took the overnight bus from Nagoya to Tokyo which takes roughly six hours to get to tokyo because i had to use up my last two remaining points on my (pink) Willer Express Bus Pass.

tokyo is a really stimulating place. having traveled there last year for two weeks, i did much of the touristy things already. so this time, i had really no itinerary in-mind. i really wanted to see an old friend (machiko), friends that i met last year (mizuki, craig, masaaki and nina and their two children), and meet new friends (alex and steve). my two days there were really random, which is my kind of fun. i got to see Ginza, the really (and i mean REALLY) upper-scale, cream-of-the-crop, top-knotch, ritzy, glitzy, glam, side of Japan where everything is super expensive. i also got to experience Kichi Jioji and Higashi-Koenji for the second time. i really enjoy those areas as they have more of a bohemian and down-to-earth feel. please enjoy the images below for more details.



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