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[camping, 33 days of dancing, and a 3026m hike // Gujo, Mount Noritake, Gifu, Japan]

i know it’s Wednesday, but i wanted to update you on what i did this past weekend. i went to Gifu Prefecture with my friends who are a part of a group called, CHIC (Chubu Hiking International Club). i will spare you with my detailed annotations and give you an abridged version so you can enjoy the pictures.
-Gujo Hachima’s 33-day dancing festival. we celebrated the last day of the 33-day-long festival. Yukatas (traditional japanese outfit, both men and womyn), Jinbes (male summer outfit) and Getas (clacky wooden shoes) are imperative.
-Camping + Yakiniku (grilled meat) in a very private area, we were the only ones there!
-Hiking the summit of Mount Noritake 3026m (9,928ft).
-Concluding the weekend with a very relaxing time at an Onsen (hotspring, my absolute favorite thing to do in Japan).

Please enjoy the photos. I took out a lot of time to edit them. :) thank you, ありがとうございます, gracias, cảm ơn.



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