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[random walks // nagoya, japan]

here some some random images i’ve taken around the city. i hope you enjoy them.


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  1. eLnaD
    September 9, 2012

    hey Lindsey! that’s great that you may be moving to nagoya and area also into climbing. there are several climbing gyms in Nagoya and hundreds, if not thousands, of outdoor climbing surrounding Nagoya. the gyms here are quite expensive, the cheapest that i’ve found being ~$17/day (plus rentals if you need them). bring your own gear cuz it’s expensive out here.

    when you come, let me know, i’d be happy to introduce you to other climbers/hikers/outdoors people in Nagoya. we have quite a large crew of folks that regularly organize and enjoy beautiful events in and around Nagoya.


  2. Heya, great blog. I might be moving to Nagoya soon and it’s been neat checking out the area through your photos. I actually found your blog b/c I was searching for rock climbing gyms in Nagoya. I climb in TX, and I’m excited to check out the routes in Nagoya.

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