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[FARMily Days! // oxford, mississippi]

i titled this entry “FARMily” because i was able to integrate my family and farming experience together! continue reading to understand further.

i (as well as everyone here) was blessed this past weekend (thurs-sunday) to have my aunt and her family (my uncle and two cousins) from Sugarland, TX come visit me in Oxford! the kiddies were on spring break and they wanted to see me as well as the farm i’ve been working on.

it was such a treat for all of us here to have them over. my aunt whipped up fantastic Viet dishes such as Bun Cha Gio Thich Nuong (rice noodles w/egg rolls and pork meat), Goi Cuon (fresh spring rolls), Pho Ga (chicken rice noodle soup), and rice w/deliciously Viet-inspired seasoned wings. drooling.

here are the pictures i’ve compiled from their stay.

the two young ladies, Emily and Abby, 11 and 8, respectively, were in love with the 6 dogs and 1 cat at the farm. here are the dogs’ and cat’s names:

  • 1. Ryder (great dane)
  • 2. Mertin (hairy goofy tall dog)
  • 3. Shivas (black scotish hairy small dog)
  • 4. Suzy (brown/white pit mix)
  • 5. Whatdog (black/white stray)
  • 6. Lily (neighbor’s small dog)
  • 7. Faith (kitty)

my aunt, uncle, and cousins were able to see, first-hand, how we planted our organic vegetables here. they helped with transplanting green and red-leaf lettuces, planting seeds into the seed-blocker, weeding, hoe-ing, and simply enjoying.

did i mention there are two bee boxes here? there are two bee boxes here that we are learning how to cultivate to harvest honey from!

that’s taylor, my friend, behind the walk-behind, 13 horse-power tractor we use to till and row sections to plant on.

my aunt also brought us CRAYFISH, which she knew i love, and apparently everyone else here loves too!

on the last day they were here, i took the family (this was the first time i had driven my car in 3-1/2 weeks) to Downtown Oxford (DTO). DTO is a charming square lined with uber-expensive boutiques, bookstores, and live music bars. we took a walk around the square and had a few photo ops there. we head back home to enjoy a meal my aunt whipped up–a delicious rice, egg roll, and chicken wing entree. so yummy.

i thank you, Di Hoa, Cau Binh, Emily, and Abby, for coming.

we all had a great time on the farm. great food. great people. hard work. great times.

thank you for reading.


3 comments on “[FARMily Days! // oxford, mississippi]

  1. Anonymous
    March 21, 2012

    i cant believe your leaving there tomorrow anyway hows indigo doing

  2. Anonymous
    March 21, 2012

    i miss the farm… waaa!!! and u to…
    -emily and Abby ;C

  3. Myca
    March 19, 2012

    Farmily! I love it! Beautiful photos of your family and of everything else as always! You really tell a story with each picture. Your aunt’s cooking looks phenomenal! Truly inspiring.

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