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FARM 90X! // oxford, MS

the reason why i named today’s entry, “FARM 90X!”…im sure you many of you figured out by now. but in case you’re not media literate like the rest of us, i’ll fill you in. intense home fitness videos (p90x, taebo, and the bar method to name a few) and “new” and “weird” workout gyms/routines (crossfit and barefoot walking/running) are an increasing trend/craze in modern American society. im going to critique a couple of these trends and provide you with a more practical and efficient solution.

first off, let’s start with p90x. it claims that after 90 days, you’ll have that “beach body” you’ve always wanted. well, obviously, if you do ANYTHING for 90 days, 2 push-ups a day for 90 days, let’s say, i’d guarantee that your arms will look better than they did 90 days before. there’s nothing special to p90x. if you’re fat and lazy, do your heart a favor and cut out fast food and do 30 crunches a day; i assure that your body will show you something you’re more happy with after 90 days, guaranteed or no money back.

okay, now crossfit. it’s a new workout fad that claims that if you do “constantly varied and functional movements” you will build strength and conditioning. i’ve seen people do weird shit like carry a log or group pushups. c’mon, that’s just weird. i do plenty of “constantly varied and functional movements” every day like squatting down to use the toilet every morning, working my right tricep out when i brush my teeth, and then both triceps when i wash my face after with a towel. obviously crossfit doesn’t work.

here’s my SOLUTION. first a little shpeal, have you ever noticed that Abercrombie and Fitch bags you get from the mall always shows some buff white dude set against a farm backdrop? that’s not an accident, my friends. firstly, they’re selling you white supremacy. secondly, that white guy is buff because he’s a farmer. seriously now, when have you ever seen a fat (non agribusiness) farmer? thus, my solution is you enlist your able-bodies onto a farm, for 90 hours a week (hence “FARM 90X!”). i guarantee that you’ll achieve two things: 1) the “farm body” and bronze color you’ve always wanted and 2) you’ll learn how your food got to your plate and what’s going into your stomachs. you’ll be ripped in no time.

okay, wow, i’ve written too much. no one will probably read this. but that’s okay. below’s a cursory synopsis of my day that goes along with these pictures. enjoy!

(times are all in CST)
-wake up and breakfast. greet Indigo and Ryder (great dane) outside the door.
-run with Indigo to the mailbox. put on my shoes. 43 degrees.
-check up on green onions.
-dwell over having to weed grasses with Montana.
-begin by blending horse manure into organic soil bed by using a hoe to prepare for beds for potato growing.
-the sky from the east is cloudy which is a stark contrast from the western sky.
-i hoe down the rows.
-while i walk, back from a water break, montana is plowing land.
-shadow and hoe.
-we wash our hands and prepare for lunch.
-no day is complete without performing a Viet squat.
-pb&j+banana sandwich. yum. sorry rider (great dane)!
-big-ass dodge truck + guitar.
-Montana disappointedly noticing at the chem trails.
-the entire family! (from right to left) Indigo, Montana, Anne Marie and Ryder.
-my shoes come off, it’s too nice to keep them pasty and pink guys confined!
-the womyn leave and more chemtrails!
-hoeing with my shoes off.
-the sun was blazing and i took cover behind the dodge pickup.
-montana plows.
-vultures and SUPER red bird. so beautiful.
-my shadow is long now! time to head back to the greenhouse.
-seed blocking! using a metal contraption, i fill the compartments with soil and pump out blocks of soil to fill with seeds for germination and growing! those are eggplant seeds. one seed per hole.
-yay, these trays are mine and i will be awaiting their germination! quench their thirst and im out!
-check on the incubated chicken eggs.
-longer shadow and (unrefined) vegetable oil-powered bus!
-the sunset is exquisite.
-this is the house im staying in (yes, it’s balloon’)
-my phone works out here, so i multi-task by checking emails and other randoms.
-more beautiful sunset (now red!)
-i hope on the back of the pickup and ride back to the house.
-awesome reflections from the side-view mirror.
-RAH, my non-existent face!
-dinner. tofu, steak, green black-eyed peas, and toasted quinoa, chayote, squash, zucchini, and spinach mix.
-faith, the cat, follows me everywhere and wants my love. she even jumps on my shoulders and chills there! what a life.
-the day is done.

thank you for reading. i appreciate you and life.


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  1. myca
    March 1, 2012


  2. myca
    March 1, 2012

    health, wellness and conscious all bundled in your critical observational articulation of a blog entry. thank you.

  3. Mark kee Mark
    February 28, 2012

    I read it as well!! From the looks of your photos your having an awesome time! True Gapas work!! Good food, workout, and knowledge!

  4. TomTN
    February 28, 2012

    I read it, what a workout, what a day.

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