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[“fatland organic” & walk-behind tractor // oxford, MS]

im trying to catch up on my blog and apologize in advance for a laggy update.

this is what my second day on the farm looked like (i’ve since spent 4 nights and 3 days here). living and working on a farm entails more work than just farming. there’s life maintenance that is required to run the show. thus, grocery shopping is also a task of working on a farm.

montana (farm manager), indigo (his adorably bright daughter) and i take a trip into town (Oxford proper) to run some errands. the errands require that we go to a few different places. we need to refill our stock of grass-fed cow’s milk at a local farmer’s market, quinoa, fruits and vegies, as well as other foodstuffs that nourish us.

one of our stops is to the supermarket “Kroger”. they suckered his daughter in by providing her with a super-fun ride(i would have loved that as a kid!) around while her daddy shops. we have a lot of kroger brand foodstuffs in california, but not a store in and of itself. montana likes to call it “fatland” because “fat white people” (74% of the pop. in oxford are white) live in oxford and they shop there. montana has two kids; indigo, 2 and malakai, 7 months. he is very conscious of their health and attempts to only feed and buy organic, non-GMO, and preservative-free foods to his babies. kroger happens to have a somewhat affordable organic section in the store that he likes to call “fatland organic”. they had a wide selection of organic food products, many of which are owned by major agribusiness companies; Kellogg, Kraft, Hershey’s, ConAgra, to name a few. It’s ridiculous some of the box designs for “natural” foods; it made me think of “designer” organic food. ludicrous. i was a little bit surprised and excited to see that they celebrated Black History Month and showed appreciation for the Black folks that worked at the store.

after leaving “fatland organic”, i snap a shot of the American flag and Oxford water tower with a backdrop of a beautiful blue sky laden with altocumulus clouds. we head over to an AMAZING store called the “Bargain Basket” which buys organic and other higher quality foods that are either about to expire or have blemishes on the packaging from Wal-Marts, Krogers, smaller famer’s markets, as well as other markets and sells them for SUPER discounted rates. you can see in some of the pictures that we stocked up on some $1 organic pasta and several bottles of Annie’s organic dressing for, wait for it, $0.75 each!

we’re done and head back to the farm. i had lunch, some fried fatass (delicious) food leftover from the prior evening and just reheated it on a cast-iron skillet since they do not own a microwave here.

there’s a chicken egg incubator in the garage that houses approximately 54 eggs and rotates automatically every few hours here. they’re set to hatch in 21 days, which happens to be march 13th.

we water plants in the greenhouse and go out into the farm and i begin to weed plants. indigo, his daughter, plays ball with me. i drink some unfiltered, mineral-rich well water that is down on a 40ft water table below the bottoms(it’s yellow due to a high sulfur content). montana teaches me how to use the walk-behind tractor to prepare a plot for growing veggies on. i try my hand at the walk-behind tractor and tear it up!

i eat a stalk of delicious green onion from the ground, find a crayfish nest in some of the dirt i was weeding and end the day with a long shadow, dropping half of my banana on the ground in the tool shed, petting Ryder, an adorable great dane, and take a picture of “life”. my hands are a bit crusty after the work, but that’s some honest work.

the sunset is beautiful. i sit in a rocking chair on the front porch and eat dinner with the family. the day is done.


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  2. Cathy
    February 28, 2012

    there are very few blogs that i read nowadays and i read this entry from beginning to end. your trip sounds so enlightening and enriching for the soul and hope that you can bring that knowledge back to LA for us to learn too.

  3. Ding
    February 27, 2012

    Dan you’re a beast!

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