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[hello earth // oxford, MS]

so i’ve decided to create a photoblog of my experiences because i thought you’d like to know what it feels like to be me right now and it’s so much better if you can see pictures. i know you’re all busy with life so i won’t inundate you with too much writing.

i decided to name this blog “EARTH, i walk” because i started to notice how the Earth i walk on is different everywhere i go. so sit back and relax your feet (but not for too long, cuz you’ll get fat and sick)!

im currently situated on a 19-acre “certified naturally grown” organic farm in Oxford, Mississippi called “Yokna(Patawpha) Bottoms Farm” ( which doesn’t seem to be functioning right now). im going to be working here for the next 4-5 weeks.

on my first day (2/23), which the above photos are from, i awoke at 7am CST to see a bit of condensation on my window and an incredible semi-foggy sight outside. after enjoying a delicious multi-grain hot lunch with honey and full of farm talk with Doug and Montana, my two new friends, owner and manager of the farm, respectively. i walk outside to find the ground mushy and muddy and thank the universe that i packed my Gore-Tex® waterproof hiking boots with me on this road trip. i get an explanation of the farm and Doug’s intentions and aspirations for it. “Yokna Patawpha” means “fertile bottoms” in Choctaw. the area where the farm is situated is a low-lying “bottom” and collects a great deal of water from rain. i find this out the fun way as we walk through the mushiest of the mushy and i purposefully walk into deep mushy puddles of mud with confidence because of my awesome waterproof hiking boots.

Doug shows me his garlic that he has planted (approximately 320-380 cloves, stems pictured).

we then head over his friend, Jeff’s, place not too far away from the farm to collect some pine. Jeff and his family lost their off-the-grid home (what a shame!) to a microburst straight-line wind April 2011. you can see what this microburst wind did to those trees in front of his (now un-salvageable) home. his kid’s toys were thrown in all directions. we collected the bent and broken pine and left.

on the ride back to the farm, Martin, a huge beast-like dog was enjoying the brilliant sun.

purples catch my eye and so i walk over to a 4 or 5-foot heap of compost and recognize them as huge turnips; *snap*.

i am initiated into my work, which is to fill horse manure into pre-tilled land in the field by wheel barrel and pitchfork. i realized quickly that one-wheeled barrels, when full, are pretty challenging to control (i have since mastered this skill)! anyways, i got the hang of it after a few full-loads (and about an hour) of spreading horse shit on the tilled plot of land.

the sun sets. my work on the farm for the day is done. im tired.


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  1. Olof
    February 26, 2012

    Nice writing, great photography! I’ll keep coming back for sure.

    • danle
      February 26, 2012

      thanks buddy!

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